How to grow your business?

iLafe is the stepping stone to getting you to bigger and better opportunities. We created a platform for you to advertise, connect with clients and secure jobs all in one place. However, communicating with your clients, showing up on time to jobs and ensuring that your business succeeds is up to you. Keep reading for 3 easy steps to growing your business.

  • Communicate Quickly
  • Once you receive a job service request, communicate quickly with your customer. It’s up to you to let them know if you need to reschedule, if the price will be higher (or lower) than the average range or if your arrival will be delayed. While our app takes care of the initial scheduling and lets your customers know when you’re on the way, it shows how much you value the job when you take the initiative to communicate with your customers.
  • Do the right job at the right price
  • At iLafe, we believe in fair pricing. And you’re more likely to build your client base and have return customers if they believe in your pricing and work.
  • Show up!
  • On-time. That’s it. Show up, on-time, and do the job requested.